Great post! I’m a believer that government is one of the first things that has to be figured out. I’m in the Philippines today, a country I’ve visited four times this year. I’ve also spent 1–2 months this year in Singapore and a few weeks in Hong Kong. Oscillating between these various places this year has me thinking a lot about the role of government in freeing up individuals and communities to pursue employment and investment opportunities. Why is Singapore so much richer than everywhere else in the region? When you ask this question to people you get a variety of responses, but to me it seems clear that a government concerned with lifting up its people and country can do a lot, and Singapore seems to have done this far better than most. Of course people bring up Singapore human rights violations, and I’ll openly admit I haven’t researched those and don’t really understand the system. But I do know that when I visit Singapore I see a lot of opportunity, prosperity, and safety that I haven’t seen on that level in almost any other country.

Student at Harvard Graduate School of Education and product @ Activate by Unicity.

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