Cojoot — Injecting synchronous moments into asynchronous courses

Additional details about the project

  1. The focus of the class was research-guided product development. Xiaomeng and I had the opportunity to read (a lot of) research about adult learning.
  2. Xiaomeng and I both have a lot of interest in creation solutions for non-consumers of educational programs. My parents have just returned from living for three years in the Philippines, which has heightened my awareness of the massive growth opportunities and educational need in that region.
  3. As we studied the educational options available for students in global south countries, we were impressed to see organizations like BYU Pathway Worldwide that offer low-cost online courses. Initially we thought our concept would have to include curriculum development, teachers, etc .— but after coming across Pathway and other universities that already offer great curriculum and stackable credentials, we decided to focus on technology solutions to improve learning outcomes for students in these programs.

What’s next for Cojoot?

For the next few months, I’ll be busy with Activate and my spring courses at HGSE but I do think there’s a spark of something interesting here, so here’s to letting this idea marinate and sharing it with others in the hopes that it can inspire something useful for these students. 🤞



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